Monday, November 13, 2017

Why Google Adsense is the best ?

Displaying advertisment on your blog is one of the best way to make money.There are many advertising network such as Adsense,Infolink,Propellerads..etc.Adsense is a programe that show contextual ads on blog.Adsense programe is the best monetization network for website and blog.There are many bloggers using adsense for making money.

Why Google Adsense ?

It is one of the simplest method of monetizing the blog.It is very hard to get approval.But the implementation is very simple. Google will pay you if the visitors clicks on he ad which is displayed on your website.Remember that your adsnse account will be closed if you click your own ad.It is a violation of Adsense policy.The adsense also pay for seeing the ads by visitors.(CPM)

Adsense is a contextual ads.As it means it display ad according to content.For example if your content is based on domains,it will display the ad of domain companies.The Ad will also based on your cookie method.Based on search history,The Ads will be displayed.It is highly helpfull for publishers as there is a high chance for Ad click.Any people can join Adsense monetization.But you should have quality website or blog.there are certain guidelines for getting Adsense approval.If you have an approved Adsense you can display the Ads by placing adcode on your site.

How to earn money from Google Adsense ?- A Complete Guide

Google Adsense have so many publishers and Advertisers.This create Adsense different from other networks.As it is a product from Google,it create a trust in the minds of people. Another interesting things that you do not need different Adsense account for every website.You can add any websites to your approved Adsense account.

Payment.There is also so many plugins for Adsense monetization.There are so many tutorials available in the internet on adsense.So i think you will be very helpfull in getting adsense help from every corner.

This is the main area where small publishers face.there is a minimum payment thershold for issuing payment.There is different payment mechanism for different countries.In India it is mainly through cheque.So it is important to submit your application carefully.

If you have any queries relating to Adsense account you are welcome to raise your question.I will answer as soon as possible.


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