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Why Google Adsense is the best ?

Displaying advertisment on your blog is one of the best way to make money.There are many advertising network such as Adsense,Infolink,Propellerads..etc.Adsense is a programe that show contextual ads on blog.Adsense programe is the best monetization network for website and blog.There are many bloggers using adsense for making money.

Why Google Adsense ?

It is one of the simplest method of monetizing the blog.It is very hard to get approval.But the implementation is very simple. Google will pay you if the visitors clicks on he ad which is displayed on your website.Remember that your adsnse account will be closed if you click your own ad.It is a violation of Adsense policy.The adsense also pay for seeing the ads by visitors.(CPM)

Adsense is a contextual ads.As it means it display ad according to content.For example if your content is based on domains,it will display the ad of domain companies.The Ad will also based on your cookie method.Based on search history,The Ads will be displayed.It is highly helpfull for publishers as there is a high chance for Ad click.Any people can join Adsense monetization.But you should have quality website or blog.there are certain guidelines for getting Adsense approval.If you have an approved Adsense you can display the Ads by placing adcode on your site.

How to earn money from Google Adsense ?- A Complete Guide

Google Adsense have so many publishers and Advertisers.This create Adsense different from other networks.As it is a product from Google,it create a trust in the minds of people. Another interesting things that you do not need different Adsense account for every website.You can add any websites to your approved Adsense account.

Payment.There is also so many plugins for Adsense monetization.There are so many tutorials available in the internet on adsense.So i think you will be very helpfull in getting adsense help from every corner.

This is the main area where small publishers face.there is a minimum payment thershold for issuing payment.There is different payment mechanism for different countries.In India it is mainly through cheque.So it is important to submit your application carefully.

If you have any queries relating to Adsense account you are welcome to raise your question.I will answer as soon as possible.

How to earn money from Google Adsense ? - A Complete Guide

Google Adsense is one of the monetizing program for websites.It is one of the best cpc advertising program. The publishers get maximum revenue daily as it offers highest CTR. Adsence has strict policy.So it is very hard to get approval.

Adsense will get approved if our website/blog met up with certain condition.In the country like China and India the website/blog should be 6 months old.But actually there is no need for uch period.There are many bloggers who got approval with 1 month old domains.If you have a good content you will get approved very fastly.Content is the king.You must be atleast 18 years for applying Adsense programme.

Guidelines for Adsense Programe

1) Write quality content

As it said earlier,content is king.Your article must be a quality one.It means decorated,stated and clear concreted conent.The blog or Webite content shoul be in supported language.If you notice adsense ad in a website that contain unsupported language,Adsense is not find the violation,if they find,the account will got disapproved.The blog content shoud be atleast 100-200 words.Google Adsense dosen`t allow copyrighted content on your website.if you have copyrighted content on your website,your application will get rejected.Write a blog which contain 500-600 words for fast approval.There is no minimum post on website for submitting Adsense application.I will recommend you to publish 50 well written posts before you apply for google Adsense programme.

Why Google Adsense is Best ?

2) Search engine friendly

Make sure that your website is search engine friendly.Use meta title and description tags for better search preference.It is not possible to check all the adsense application,so they will use crawler for checking your website.So it is better to specify the tags with appropriate information.Make sure that title shold be between 69 characters and description tag should be 156 characters.

3) Content images

Google dosent approve the website that contain copyrighted materials.What about images ? We donot mind whether they are copyrighted or not.So remove all the copyrighted images from your website.Use sites like Flicker to find free images.It is a very serious matter as some got rejected by these issues.

4) Website design

Your website should have a attractive design.The structure should be simple.There should be a clear navigation system.Attract your visitors with high quality design.Use templates for attractive designs.

5) Prohibited content

Adsense is not available for those website which dealing with adult contents,hacking content,violated content,copyrighted contents,drug related contents..etc.

6) Traffic

Traffic is not a factor for Adsense approval.They check only the quality of your website. Adsense approval moderators will not check visitors count.But for generating revenue you should have enough visitors.

If you follow these guidelines,your chance for getting Adsense approval is very high.If you have any queries regarding this content,I am very happy to help you.Comment your questions,I will answer it as soon as possible.

7) Important pages

Don`t forgot to make privacy policy,about,contact pages before applying to Adsense.

If you are eligible you can apply Adsense program from here click here

Adsense policy - A beginner guide

If your Adsense get rejecting again and again.Switch to Adsense alternatives.

Friday, September 25, 2015

An open letter to everyone who thinks every student can be unusually great at Academic subjects

Schools and universities are acting ignorant
Creativity and Imagination are thrown out 
Dear Parents, Teachers and Relatives,

                         How would you define Creativity? I know that every one of you hate this word. For me, Creativity is nothing but the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Well, as the cartoon depicts the current education system is not at all bothered about the transformation of innovative ideas into reality. You are squandering the little brains of children ruthlessly knowingly or unknowingly. The ultimate thing that matters nowadays is, Every student must perform unusually great at academic subjects. You are narrowing down the path. The path to inventions, The path to new experiences, The path to taste the victories and failures alike. You must note the "Failure" part more carefully. Let me enlighten you for a moment. The suicide among students has increased 170 percent in the last two decades up to 2005. Coming back to the "failure" part, the truth is "We are not at all prepared for failures". No big deal right? Can you relate it with the student suicide rates? If not, you are still acting ignorant. Just think about all the greatest inventions in history. The telephone, light bulb, penicillin and much more. Each one of those inventions will have a story to tell. I'm not saying about the "success" part. Yes, am still with the "failure" part. Behind all of these successful inventions that changed the world, there is a huge amount of failure rate associated with it. Every educational institution's are forgetting this basic thing. Without making mistakes, nobody will shine at something. The mindset of each of these institutions is, "it's a sin to commit a mistake". I would like to collaborate this part with a strong quote by Napolean Hill, "Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their failure". Stick this into you brain, please. Failure is not the end of everything. It's the progression of "Success".
Universities think of students as mere machines
Wrong education cycle

 Almost every educational institution's running globally has to advertise the same motto, "Let's make 1000 more robots every year who is perfect in everything except thinking". You have  created a trend called, "Careerism". Yes, we need doctors and engineers. But hey we need writers, thinkers, farmers and artists alike. Where is the balance in it? The problem with "Careerism" is that a student will have only limited options. If he or she is technically gifted in painting, music or dancing why in the world, you are pushing them to the path of mathematics, mechanics and science? Let me remind you one thing, If you have ever done this to your children, student or cousin then you have no right to blame them for not performing well in the academics. As an engineering student, I know the hardships of dealing with a bunch of subjects at one go. I'm dealing with more than 50 papers in the four year's time period. The ultimate aim of doing this course is to get placed in a reputed firm or company. And what the company expects from you? A deep level knowledge in programming and the aptitude to run their company smoothly. Let me describe this more in detail. Are you going to say that a person would be able to master in programming by reading textbooks alone? The only way to master in some particular task is by practice. It's human nature, when you practice more you'll attain a certain level of skill unknowingly. I'm asking where is my time to practice something which I love to do? I spend nearly 10 hours a day at college( Including travelling to and fro). Studies says you must sleep 6-8 hours a day to keep you healthy. That gives me nearly 3 hours to spend something of my own. I'm perfectly alright with it. But hey wait. The lion shares of these three hours would be robbed by assignments, home works and records. Now I'm someone who is incapable of improving my skills at something. If there is one reason companies are reluctant to take even proven academic graduate to their firm is, "our incapability in perfecting something". We are a bunch of machines which memorises something and vomits the same into an answer sheet. The fun of learning something new is missing, the fascination of experiencing something new is missing, The satisfaction of learning some new skill is missing. If any corporate heads are reading this blog, this is what happening around educational institutes across the globe. If you want employees with thinking capabilities you are most welcomed to intervene. I'm pretty sure the situation will get only worse even after ten years. But still I have a glimmer of hope that at least some of you reading this might rethink about your deeds. It's high time, else we would be all dealing with Zombie apocalypse soon. 
                                                                                          Thank you.

Friday, September 18, 2015

10 Awesome and useful websites of 2015 that you probably wouldn't have heard about

This is my gift to you. I'm pretty sure most of you are unaware of these web sites am gonna present to you. Yeah, Thank me later. One thing I could guarantee you, These are the most useful as well as Coolest of all the websites on the Internet today. But you know, they are less popular. So I am digging out these gems of websites for you. Fun Reading.

1. Coffitivity

Are you a workaholic? A programmer or a web designer? Or at least someone who love's to create new things while spending your time on your laptop and Internet? Well, then you sure must love the ambiance of a coffee shop right? Yeah, we all LOVE the vibe of the Coffee shop. People chattering, coffee glasses muttering, undertones. Yeah, Everything about a Coffee shop is super fantastic. This is a website dedicated entirely to the "murmur" sounds. It's so much fun doing some work tuning to the Coffee shop ambiance. Also, they are providing premium tools like audio tracks from other Environments. 

2. Duolingo

Think about all the Languages you are good at? For me, it would be English and my mother tongue "Malayalam". What about all those other popular languages? Imagine, you are going to Spain for some reason and what if you end up in a place where people could understand only Spanish. Yeah, you are screwed up high time right? Not anymore. I found this website called "Duolingo" where they teach you all the Popular languages including French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Irish, Swedish, Danish and many more. One thing I noticed, this is not a "sake of it" website. They really want you to learn new languages, the website itself is attractive. I've started learning Spanish, "Yo soy un humbre".

3. ShouldIremoveIt

If there is any supernatural out there please bless the guy who made this one. This one is a real time saver, real decision maker, real "I'll manage it" thing. This is actually a software which help you to decide which programs you should purge in order to give your PC a little bit breathing space. It'll only cost you 2 MB or something, but pretty powerful and useful as they advertise it is. Yeah, my laptop is super powerful again. Thank you whoever made this software again. Must have tool everyone, must have tool.

4. PrintFriendly

Ever took a printout of a web page? Then you surely must know the hardships of it right? It will download as a bunch of files and If you accidentally delete one of those files, then it's all a big mess. And even if you carefully printed it out, still you will get the crappy things like unwanted links, ads and other pieces of stuff. By using this amazing Printfriendly website, they offer you to take out a perfect printout of a web page excluding the unwanted images and advertisements. Another must have a thing.

5. Sumopaint

This is the exact replica of MS paint. You might ask why I should use this one since I have MS paint on my PC. Well, you don't have to particularly use this if you are a Windows user. It comes handy when you try out the Linux version of OS's. You need a certain expertise in order to work on GIMP. sumo paint is a beautiful and helpful paint' tool which you can utilize. 

6. Corrupt a File

 Life saver, Job saver and  Grade saver. That's the simplest description for this website. Every student and employee have a thing in common. They gotta submit documents and other paper works on time, most of the time we send the paper works to our teacher or boss through the internet. What if you can't complete that report on time? Use this tool and they'll corrupt the file which you send to them. Mail it your boss or teacher, when they open it the file will be corrupted and they can't blame you at all. Instead, you should blame their virus-driven PC's. 

I suggest this to only hardcore movie buffs. If you are not a serious movie buff then skip it. They have an amazing library of documentaries worldwide. Some of it not available on youtube either. They update this site regularly, so there is a huge content of documentaries available here. Again, you will love it if you are a passionate movie guy. 

8. IFixit

IFixit is a global community of people helping each other repair things. You don't have to google for other alternative solutions for repairing your electronics equipment when you are at IFixit. It's a hub of all the repair techniques and tools of electronics items. They are well organized, will provide necessary tools to buy, Will give instructions as well as pictures included with it. Try it the next time when you want to repair something.

9. Pastebin

Quick, quick and quick is the motto behind I often use this one when I find errors in my programs. You can quickly paste your whole code, text or anything here and you will get a corresponding URL for it. What more? send this URL to many people and ask them to help to get rid off the errors. No need to mail, facebook or tweet or anything. 

10. Studio Stupeflix

Make amazing videos in seconds. You just need to add some images, text, and videos. Everything else they'll do. You can pick some default themes which are solid and distinct which give the video a master touch. Another good tool to add to your website list. 
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I hope everyone will love this list, I know I missed many more cool and awesome websites. Since this is a top 10 list I could only add this much. Hope you'll share too.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Hidden Agenda of Ambiverts and why they are better than Introverts and Extroverts

Ambiverts exhibits good qualities of both Introversion and Extroversion. They are more balanced, consistent and rational. 

Are you an Ambivert? Well, if not you must fall into the other two categories, Introverts or Extroverts. If you still don't know which category you are supposed to be in, I guess this post will help you to know more about Ambiverts, Introverts, and Extroverts. Everyone know what must be the salient features of Introverts and Extroverts. An Introvert is someone who is real quiet, not-so-party minded but still enjoy the life in his/her way. Whereas an Extrovert is someone who appreciates more attention, much bigger friends circle, they express their emotions wildly and they are high-spirited people. Well, Introverts and Extroverts have good qualities. But like everything else in this world they have bad traits too. But what if you fall in that middle category? The "Ambiverts". Ambiverts exhibits good qualities of both Introversion and Extroversion. They are more balanced, consistent and rational. Here, I will try to point out the good attributes of Ambiverts and will give you all a little questionnaire to check whether you are an Ambivert, Introvert or an Extrovert.

They are good in Solitude as well as Companionship 

Introverts are more into solitude
A painting named "Solitude" by  Artdoxa
It's a common misconception that being alone or enjoying solitude is somewhat wicked. That theory is plain wrong. You might have heard the famous quote, "The quieter you become, the more you can hear". When you are in solitude there is a great chance that creativity and thinking capacity will double, you will think once again when you make a decision, you can talk with yourself as you talk with your best friend or buddy. They are more tend to become poets, writers, and thinkers. Sometimes you will need extreme solitude to concentrate in a serious work. So, Happy Solitude everyone. 

FRIENDS is a popular TV series 
Well, since you are an Ambivert or at least want to know the traits of a good ambivert, as I said earlier they are well balanced. If they spend some time in solitude they will surely come back and enjoy Companionship too. Look how well they played it out right? They took the creativity, thinking capacity and all other good aspects of Solitude. Now they are craving towards to steal the finest features of Companionship. They enjoy engaging in relationships and having fun with one another and recent studies show that companionship is good for your health too. Ambiverts everyone, Ambiverts!!! 

They love social gatherings 

Ambiverts excel in Social Gatherings

Can you believe what I just said? Yes, them Ambiverts love Social gatherings. Well, this is some special skill to acquire. Just think of all those Social gathering you went to and how awkward most of them ended  because you were not a Social gathering material? An Ambiverts scores here. They will engage in great conversations and build good strong connections with all of them. Yes, we could only envy about their marvelous features. 

They are more cheerful and High-spirited 

Ambiverts are always happy
Cartoon by
The comic above says it all right? We are always in the middle of Anxiety and depression. We can't just 'snap out of it'. An Introvert falls into depression because of too much loneliness whereas an Extrovert falls into it because they get easily bored of their surroundings and people around them. I'm not saying Ambiverts are impregnable to these basic human emotions, just that the probability of them ending up in depression and anxiety disorders are far less when comparing with the other two. 

They know when to respond 

Respond, not react
Learn when to speak up and when to shut up
The word "respond" is much more proper than "react". In our reactions, emotions will take a central place. We lose control. It's more spontaneous and sporadic. It'll eventually end up in spoiling our mood and other's too. Introverts and Extroverts tend to "react" more rather than "respond". Since Ambiverts  give first place for thoughtfulness they'll "respond" only and act wisely according to the mood and situations. They are guided by less emotional drama and more logic. They'll give space for reasoning. 
PS: There are no right or wrong personality types, it's your choice to live your life as you wish. But just remember this quote, 
"There is no such thing as a pure Introvert or Extrovert. Such a person would be in the lunatic asylum. ~ Carl G Jung"

If you want to test yourself to know what kind of person you are, Kindly click on the link

Thank you for your Valuable time. Be Social, Please Share

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Amazing Life Lessons we can learn from the Life story of Nick Vujicic

Nick vujicic at salt lake utah
Nick Vujicic is a motivational speaker


Nick Vujicic born with no arms and no legs. He had only two options left, Either get depressed or overcome his difficulties by breaking "the walls". It's not at all an easy journey for him. People bullied him, teased him, discouraged him from achieving heights. But one thing he maintained in his life was, He never ever blamed his circumstances. Because more than anybody else he knew that no miracle would bring back him his lost limbs. He concentrated more on his "Abilities" than his "Disabilities".

"A recent census showed that 1.8% worldwide deaths are suicide. Which means on average, one person dies by suicide every 40 seconds somewhere in the world."

Picture and facts from
In the wake of these bitter facts, we must look into the strong recovery of Nick Vujicic for Inspiration. If his life isn't an Inspiration then whose is? 
Nick Vujicic is a motivational speaker who has shared a message of hope to over 6 million people in 57 countries. I hope you will be inspired by his story and his message. 

You are beautiful just the way you are 

Nick Vujicic with his family


We live in a materialistic world. It's a fact that most of the things we do is to impress others. Because, we think that if the people around us don't think you are cool enough they'll isolate you and you will be all alone. Once you accept that you are 'Imperfect' then there is no space for Inferiority complex in your life. You are set free. We all are beautiful. Not in looks, Not in what we say, Just in what we are. 

Don't ever Give up

Don't ever give up


You will have to face two kinds of people in your life. One is someone who supports and guides you through your hard times. The other kind is people who always discourage you. No matter how great things you have achieved in your life they'll bring you down. If you think that they are the obstacles between you and your dream, then you are wrong. YOU are the biggest obstacle between you and your Dream. Once you start to convert these discourages as your fuel to chase your dreams then you'll become that one person who is hard to beat. It's your dream, you gotta protect it. Fight hard and never ever GIVE UP.

Have faith in yourself


This picture speaks a thousand words. At age ten, Nick attempted suicide by drowning himself in a bathtub. Because he couldn't see a bright future ahead and became depressed. He then realized that he need to be more thankful for his "Abilities" and less focused on his "Disabilities". He says that when hugs and words aren't enough, that's where "Faith" kicks in. When you have faith in yourself you don't need others to believe in you.

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Here's an Inspirational speech Nick gave at TEDx Talks.


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Top 7 most popular and new Mozilla firefox add-ons of the year 2015

Logo of Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox new update is available on  its official site
Mozilla FireFox is one of the best browsers out there in the market and it's  "Open Source".  Mozilla is in constant battle with all other tech giants over the "Privacy" issue. Mozilla wants everything transparent, means a user must have the control over the things he's doing on the internet. 

One of the attractions of FireFox is the "Add-ons". Usually, these add-ons are developed by programmers related to Mozilla FireFox Community. The add-ons give extra power to the browser. Here are the top 7 add-ons of the year 2015 which I think are the best, what they do, and where you can find them.

Enjoy! And also let me know if I've missed anything.

NoScript Security Suit

Clickjacking attacks are reduced by NoScript
It'll block all active contents on websites 

If you are one of that person who  really care about or at least aware about the malicious threats and Internet Hijacking, this is 'Your cup of tea'. By using this add-on, you will be able to control the active contents on the websites such as JavaScript, Java, Flash, SilverLight. For those who are unaware, through these plug-ins most of the ClickJacking attacks takes place. By controlling them, NoScript reduces the chance of exploitation. It's got more than 2 million users
You can download this add-on from here

Adblock Plus

Adblock is one of the popular add-ons of FireFox
Remove all those unwanted ads with one button click
 Ever wished for a magic wand that could erase all those popping up, annoying, gateway ads? Well, if that's the case here's your thing to block all those irritating banners. But it's also website friendly, it'll not block unobtrusive ads by default. Unobtrusive means if the Adblock confirms that the ad on the website is not a malicious one. This is one of the popular add-ons with more than 19 million users.
You can download this add-on from here  

Undo Closed Tabs Button

Undo Closed tabs has got more than 50k users
Undo Closed tabs Toolbar
Imagine if you have accidentally closed one of those tabs. The next possible solution is to go through the history and manually find out the recently closed tabs. Such a tiring job right? By using this extension, it allows you to undo closed tabs via a toolbar button or the right-click context menu. Well, if you think that there's a keyboard shortcut already exists for this purpose. This extension provides easily access to which recently closed tabs you want to undo quickly. This is one of the rising stars with more than 50k users.
You can download this add-on from here 


LightBeam for FireFox
The Graphic visualization of relationship between sites 
This add-on is innovative and useful in many ways. This extension will enable you to check which all the first and  third party sites you interacts on the web. It'll give you a complete list of all the websites you are visited and also the website which watching over you. The UI of this extension is beautifully built, which use interactive visualizations to shows you the relationship between these third parties and the sites you visit. It's got more than 5 million users. 
You can download this add-on from here

Video DownloadHelper

Video DownloadHelper toolbar
One Click and Easy Download

There's no party without a Video Downloading add-on or extension. It's one of the easiest extension which will help the users to download any kind of streaming videos from websites like Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and many others. By using this extension, the user will be able to convert video files and aggregate it easily. It's got more than 4 million users.
You can download this add-on from here


CSS Panel with Inline editor
CSS Panel with Inline editor. Picture from Wikipedia

Firebug is your Go-to man when it comes to debugging web pages. If you are into the web programming then this extension is a must. You can edit, debug and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page. It's got more than 2 million users.
You can download this add-on from here

YouTube Unblocker

Unlock Youtube videos using this
Oh yes, unblock it like this 

Yeah, it's time for some action. Watch all those blocked videos on youtube using this extension. This add-on will automatically recognize if the video is blocked. Simply saying, it's a proxy server. And it's totally legal. Oh yes, it's legal. It's got more than 2 million users.
You can download this add-on from here