Friday, August 21, 2015

5 reasons why you should grab a book and start reading NOW!!!

A library is a paradise
Bookshelf Porn; image: stumblupon

Do you really think there would be passionate readers existing here in like 100 years? Can't we really have an opinion on it right? but you can at least analyse the fall in the intensity of “real” readers and authors.
“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”(Dr.Seuss, I can read with my eyes shut!).Stick this quote in your mind, Yes reading is a process and you will learn things that no Wikipedia could contribute.

The 5 reasons why you should read:

Time Travel

Yes Time Travel is possible

Do you really think it’s possible to time travel ever in your lifetime? Yes, Albert Einstein was widely interested in this field and he has detailed about this in theTheory of relativity of his. The concept of time travel is nothing but you can move between one point to another in space using a machine called ‘Time machine’. But we know it still remains as one hottest invention yet to be invented. So the probability of you time travelling will remain as a dream at least in this life( Shhhh there is only one life).

A “Book” is your only shot to time travel. Yes, nothing else. You will be travelling forward to witness aliens and extraterrestrials. You will be travelling backwards to watch the origin of the universe. And all at the cost of a book. No complex relativity theory, need not be worried about a time machine, you’ll be travelling faster than the light. Yes, you have invented the hottest invention of all.(If you are really into time travelling literally then the one book comes to my mind is, ‘The time travelers wife’).

Being in the shoes of many characters

fyodor dostoyevsky
Raskolnikov in "Crime and punishment" of Fyodor Dostoyevsky

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never read lives only one”. You might be thinking like your feet are too small to fill in that big shoes I'm talking about. It’s not the shoes we are going to fill( just a metaphor I tried), it's the wisdom and soul of all those wonderful characters we are going to seize. You will be part of the spirit of David Copperfield (David Copperfield 1850, Charles Dickens) from his childhood to his mature manhood, You will encounter fantasy creatures and do magic as Harry Potter, You will act as a member of the outer party and do spine chilling activities as Winston smith of 1984, You will do revenge at the best as Monte Cristo ( The count of Monte Cristo 1844, Alexander Dumas) and many many more. Your best character is waiting for you go for it(I am David Copperfield though).
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Experience of new places, Culture, People, Environment

Mary Shelley
Frankenstein Castle, Darmstadt(Germany)

Reading a book will take you to places, places I last visited was Naples( Italy), Geneva( Switzerland), Ingolstadt( Germany). People were wearing elaborate wigs, rich embroidery and full skirt and remarkable wide gowns. I met mathematicians and mechanics freaks that would influence the current workings of the universe. I have witnessed the industrial revolution, the discoveries of Micheal Faraday, the Great Exhibition in London, the Klondike gold rush and lot more. Reading a book will help you more to know more about the history, the way people lived at the time the book was written, to know there are many places in the world you are unheard of. Go for a book, meet new places, culture, people and environment.(I went back to the 19th century, remember the “time machine” right?)

All the blockbuster series you watch today were once books

George rr martin
Game of Thrones is a series of books written by George RR martin

The 5th grand season of the famous TV show Game of thrones was just concluded this June. Although it's a tragic end to the season, it still boast of billions of fans following the series. Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, Cersei Lannister, Arya Stark are all the beloved characters and fan favorites. But, all the above stands George R.R Martin. Yes, he is the undisputed king of this Famous blood chilling TV Show. Most of you might have heard about him if you ever watched or at least heard about the masterpiece show. Each character, Each situation, Each spine chilling conversations and events was pre-planned and stored in his brain. If there were no George R.R Martin there would be no GOT( Game of thrones). Other popular sequels of book turned movies are Harry potter, Lord of the rings, The hunger games, Insurgent.

A good book is a good friend

Books are our friends
Books are our friends 

I have to tell you this, every time when you read a good book it's like having a good friend. When it happens it's just enchanting. A book becomes your friend when it shares the same concerns, craziness, emotions, passion and tenderness. As soon as I started reading “David Copperfield” I knew I was about to make a good friend. I felt  genuine love and care for the character, an instant affection, a deep fondness for that we shared the same experiences, a moment of laughter and pain, it's the same that you have towards a real friend of flesh and blood. When David Copperfield went back to the book shelf I thought how it touched my soul and influenced my life. Yes, a good book is a good friend. Now it’s your chance to explore the world of books and find your best friend.

Spread the word, Reading is fun and happiness.


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