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Women Empowerment ? At least the Indian Advertisements are on the right path

Indian women with detergent
Indian women and detergents
It's an old Indian taboo that women are meant to do all the house chores even if she has got an earning job. This tradition was  part of Indian advertisements too. If it's a woman-centered advertisement it's usually of them doing washing, floor cleaning, ironing, cooking and all these time men pictured as blaming her for not doing it properly. Not much caring about what "her" choices right? Now, it's time to declare "Her choices", not her detergent desires. The recent ads about Indian women showing the changing mind of society towards women. Not just about the fairness creams and powders, these ads establish themselves as the new fearless face of the Indian women.

"The recent ads about Indian women shows the changing mind of society towards women."

Here I handpicked some brave, new, bold commercials which revolutionized the advertisement industry and the so-called "Old Indian taboo".


This ad series of "Myntra" is probably the best of this list. The ad shows two women madly in love with dressing and each other. Obviously the ad triggered controversy but more than that, the positive response this ad gathered from  young netizens is a clear sign that India is ready to accept "Bisexuality". It made the rounds in many discussion forums and social medias. This ad gave the courage to many of the women(also men) to reveal to their family and friends that they are Bisexual and there is nothing abnormal about it. The ad beautifully portrays that "Love is Love" and "Gender" doesn't matter. Kudos to the makers, yes we are on the path of progress.

The ad beautifully portrays that "Love is Love" and "Gender" doesn't matter.


  • ARIEL - #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob?

    In this ad an elderly lady comments and shares, her thought to her friend about how far working women have come and  say with great pride that her daughter in law earns more than her son. Not the typical and cliched Mother in Law vs Daughter in Law ego clash right? The ad made the impact by breaking the stereotypes of Indian brands. But wait it's not over. Just as we thought its the end, we witness an interaction between the busy daughter in law and her husband who is only wearing a banian. "Why didn't you washed my green shirt yesterday, yaar?" asks the husband. Three women turn very slowly to look at the guy, asking in silence the ultimate million dollar question: why is laundry only a women's job? Done and dusted. That's Ariels new ad that even bagged  an award for fighting for gender bias!!! Next time when you login into that matrimonial website expect the question "Are you ready to share the laundry?" #SharetheLoad 

    The ad made the impact by breaking the stereotypes of Indian brands  


  • HAVELLS - Respect the Women

When you talk about innovative advertisement you just can't ignore them. The word creativity and logic gels with them so much. Getting back to the topic, their new set of ads named "Respect the women" is nothing but dashing and thought provoking. A girl-seeing-ceremony, Mother boasting about her son's foreign life and how hard it's for him to get even a cup of coffee. Yes, you know what she meant by it. He needs a "kitchen appliance" and not a wife. The bold girl steps up and firmly places her coffee maker before the boy, saying take this one and settle down, no visa problem, nothing. Everyone, meet Havells the best in the making of amazing advertisements.

"Respect the women" is nothing but dashing and thought provoking. 



Film features Katrina kaif as a bride. The ad highlights the issue that Indian women are pressured to get married for all the wrong reasons.  The protagonist tells all the women to don't get married because your friends are married, don't get married due to the pressure of families or because they are being lonely on valentines day and certainly don't because your ex-boy friend is getting married. Finally, she concludes that you should get married when you find someone who "Deserve's your time". 

"Don't get married for all the wrong reasons"


  • HDFC - Life Ad Campaign
This HDFC ad spins a heart touching life story. The ad portrays a little beautiful girl wears an artificial limb on one leg and her father who helps his little daughter to realise her dream of becoming a dancer. And the music in the background will melt your heart for sure. The ad highlights the role of a man in his family, not just the financial provider but who is also an emotional binder. The father-daughter relation is what the essence of this ad, how her father backs her in every small thing that she does. What a powerful message boss, "Empowering women"(in this case a little girl) by all reasons.

 The father-daughter relation is what the essence of this ad


The era of Fairness creams and powders are over. We are stepping into "Empowered" Era. And I'm happy to say that Indian advertisement industry are on the right path which portrays the "Bold", "new" Indian women.

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