Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Hidden Agenda of Ambiverts and why they are better than Introverts and Extroverts

Ambiverts exhibits good qualities of both Introversion and Extroversion. They are more balanced, consistent and rational. 

Are you an Ambivert? Well, if not you must fall into the other two categories, Introverts or Extroverts. If you still don't know which category you are supposed to be in, I guess this post will help you to know more about Ambiverts, Introverts, and Extroverts. Everyone know what must be the salient features of Introverts and Extroverts. An Introvert is someone who is real quiet, not-so-party minded but still enjoy the life in his/her way. Whereas an Extrovert is someone who appreciates more attention, much bigger friends circle, they express their emotions wildly and they are high-spirited people. Well, Introverts and Extroverts have good qualities. But like everything else in this world they have bad traits too. But what if you fall in that middle category? The "Ambiverts". Ambiverts exhibits good qualities of both Introversion and Extroversion. They are more balanced, consistent and rational. Here, I will try to point out the good attributes of Ambiverts and will give you all a little questionnaire to check whether you are an Ambivert, Introvert or an Extrovert.

They are good in Solitude as well as Companionship 

Introverts are more into solitude
A painting named "Solitude" by  Artdoxa
It's a common misconception that being alone or enjoying solitude is somewhat wicked. That theory is plain wrong. You might have heard the famous quote, "The quieter you become, the more you can hear". When you are in solitude there is a great chance that creativity and thinking capacity will double, you will think once again when you make a decision, you can talk with yourself as you talk with your best friend or buddy. They are more tend to become poets, writers, and thinkers. Sometimes you will need extreme solitude to concentrate in a serious work. So, Happy Solitude everyone. 

FRIENDS is a popular TV series 
Well, since you are an Ambivert or at least want to know the traits of a good ambivert, as I said earlier they are well balanced. If they spend some time in solitude they will surely come back and enjoy Companionship too. Look how well they played it out right? They took the creativity, thinking capacity and all other good aspects of Solitude. Now they are craving towards to steal the finest features of Companionship. They enjoy engaging in relationships and having fun with one another and recent studies show that companionship is good for your health too. Ambiverts everyone, Ambiverts!!! 

They love social gatherings 

Ambiverts excel in Social Gatherings

Can you believe what I just said? Yes, them Ambiverts love Social gatherings. Well, this is some special skill to acquire. Just think of all those Social gathering you went to and how awkward most of them ended  because you were not a Social gathering material? An Ambiverts scores here. They will engage in great conversations and build good strong connections with all of them. Yes, we could only envy about their marvelous features. 

They are more cheerful and High-spirited 

Ambiverts are always happy
Cartoon by
The comic above says it all right? We are always in the middle of Anxiety and depression. We can't just 'snap out of it'. An Introvert falls into depression because of too much loneliness whereas an Extrovert falls into it because they get easily bored of their surroundings and people around them. I'm not saying Ambiverts are impregnable to these basic human emotions, just that the probability of them ending up in depression and anxiety disorders are far less when comparing with the other two. 

They know when to respond 

Respond, not react
Learn when to speak up and when to shut up
The word "respond" is much more proper than "react". In our reactions, emotions will take a central place. We lose control. It's more spontaneous and sporadic. It'll eventually end up in spoiling our mood and other's too. Introverts and Extroverts tend to "react" more rather than "respond". Since Ambiverts  give first place for thoughtfulness they'll "respond" only and act wisely according to the mood and situations. They are guided by less emotional drama and more logic. They'll give space for reasoning. 
PS: There are no right or wrong personality types, it's your choice to live your life as you wish. But just remember this quote, 
"There is no such thing as a pure Introvert or Extrovert. Such a person would be in the lunatic asylum. ~ Carl G Jung"

If you want to test yourself to know what kind of person you are, Kindly click on the link

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  1. No great surprise to learn that I'm Introvert, though I enjoyed reading this blog post and learnt something by doing so. Thanks.

    1. Great to know you gained some new Information reading this.
      Well, as I said earlier in the post, Introverts are more tend to become poets and writers and philosophical thinkers.
      We need Introverts too
      :D :D :D

  2. Replies
    1. Happiness only matters, Everything else is secondary.
      Happy for you

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you!!
      I really hope I could write more informative blogs in the future too