Friday, September 25, 2015

An open letter to everyone who thinks every student can be unusually great at Academic subjects

Schools and universities are acting ignorant
Creativity and Imagination are thrown out 
Dear Parents, Teachers and Relatives,

                         How would you define Creativity? I know that every one of you hate this word. For me, Creativity is nothing but the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Well, as the cartoon depicts the current education system is not at all bothered about the transformation of innovative ideas into reality. You are squandering the little brains of children ruthlessly knowingly or unknowingly. The ultimate thing that matters nowadays is, Every student must perform unusually great at academic subjects. You are narrowing down the path. The path to inventions, The path to new experiences, The path to taste the victories and failures alike. You must note the "Failure" part more carefully. Let me enlighten you for a moment. The suicide among students has increased 170 percent in the last two decades up to 2005. Coming back to the "failure" part, the truth is "We are not at all prepared for failures". No big deal right? Can you relate it with the student suicide rates? If not, you are still acting ignorant. Just think about all the greatest inventions in history. The telephone, light bulb, penicillin and much more. Each one of those inventions will have a story to tell. I'm not saying about the "success" part. Yes, am still with the "failure" part. Behind all of these successful inventions that changed the world, there is a huge amount of failure rate associated with it. Every educational institution's are forgetting this basic thing. Without making mistakes, nobody will shine at something. The mindset of each of these institutions is, "it's a sin to commit a mistake". I would like to collaborate this part with a strong quote by Napolean Hill, "Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their failure". Stick this into you brain, please. Failure is not the end of everything. It's the progression of "Success".
Universities think of students as mere machines
Wrong education cycle

 Almost every educational institution's running globally has to advertise the same motto, "Let's make 1000 more robots every year who is perfect in everything except thinking". You have  created a trend called, "Careerism". Yes, we need doctors and engineers. But hey we need writers, thinkers, farmers and artists alike. Where is the balance in it? The problem with "Careerism" is that a student will have only limited options. If he or she is technically gifted in painting, music or dancing why in the world, you are pushing them to the path of mathematics, mechanics and science? Let me remind you one thing, If you have ever done this to your children, student or cousin then you have no right to blame them for not performing well in the academics. As an engineering student, I know the hardships of dealing with a bunch of subjects at one go. I'm dealing with more than 50 papers in the four year's time period. The ultimate aim of doing this course is to get placed in a reputed firm or company. And what the company expects from you? A deep level knowledge in programming and the aptitude to run their company smoothly. Let me describe this more in detail. Are you going to say that a person would be able to master in programming by reading textbooks alone? The only way to master in some particular task is by practice. It's human nature, when you practice more you'll attain a certain level of skill unknowingly. I'm asking where is my time to practice something which I love to do? I spend nearly 10 hours a day at college( Including travelling to and fro). Studies says you must sleep 6-8 hours a day to keep you healthy. That gives me nearly 3 hours to spend something of my own. I'm perfectly alright with it. But hey wait. The lion shares of these three hours would be robbed by assignments, home works and records. Now I'm someone who is incapable of improving my skills at something. If there is one reason companies are reluctant to take even proven academic graduate to their firm is, "our incapability in perfecting something". We are a bunch of machines which memorises something and vomits the same into an answer sheet. The fun of learning something new is missing, the fascination of experiencing something new is missing, The satisfaction of learning some new skill is missing. If any corporate heads are reading this blog, this is what happening around educational institutes across the globe. If you want employees with thinking capabilities you are most welcomed to intervene. I'm pretty sure the situation will get only worse even after ten years. But still I have a glimmer of hope that at least some of you reading this might rethink about your deeds. It's high time, else we would be all dealing with Zombie apocalypse soon. 
                                                                                          Thank you.


  1. Too much truth in a single webpage!
    In my opinion, if they don't want the students to be creative, at least let these so called reputed firms to set the syllabus. That way the "engineers" can say "We're doing what we were taught and what we learned". Instead of "They taught us some fancy horseshit That's cool. But I have no idea what the employer wants us to do".

    1. sarcasm is that out of the 50+ subjects we are learning we are not an expert in at least one of it.

  2. The picture in the end explains everything. The education system is really very bad.....

    1. It's high time the younger generation must respond strongly.
      'Careerism' eventually ends up in disaster. A big Failure

  3. Im waiting for that big day when im gonna use all that i have learned in my engineering. wow. Im so excited. Nothing is gonna change here. and no wonder there are so many jobless grads in India.